LAHORE –  Uzma Nawaz, the first female car mechanic in Pakistan, is breaking barriers with her different and unique attitude by proving women can pretty much do anything and everything when they have made their minds to it.

“I took it up as a challenge against all odds and the meagre financial resources of my family,” Nawaz told AFP. The 24 year old is not the one to back down. She skipped meals in order to complete her degree as her background was not strong.

“When they see me doing this type of work they are really surprised.”

Grown up in an mpoverished town of Dunyapur in eastern Pakistan’s Punjab province, Uzma was a student that got through by scholarships.

“Whatever task we give her she does it like a man with hard work and dedication,” said co-worker M Attaullah.

“There is no need in our society for girls to work at workshops, it doesn’t seems nice, but it is her passion,” said her father Muhammad Nawaz.

You go girl, that is all we would say!