ISLAMABAD – In a video that went viral on social media, a young street artist from Islamabad can be seen discussing his work and sketching one individual rather confidently.

The child named Malik Qadeer, who believes that work is more important than the name, charges Rs200 for side pose and Rs300 for front pose sketch.

When asked about his teacher by the video maker, the child artist replied that he is his own teacher. “I don’t have any Ustaad rather have a teacher in school but no one teaches me about sketching,” he said.

Talking about his fee, he said that he takes the half amount in advance and the half after the work. “I don’t want people to pay me without any reason, I want them to pay me after work,” he added.

The young boy roams in streets of twin cities with a drawing board in one hand and pencil, sharpener and other sketching tools in a bag on another shoulder.

During his work, he talks delightfully with his clients and without any proper training, does a remarkable work.