All the Prestige: For a KPK Girl from Govt of Punjab

A topper from KPK shares her experience of the study tour to Turkey, UK and Germany hosted by Government of Punjab.

I belong to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. I topped in F.Sc pre-medical in the entire province. I am very grateful to the CM of Punjab, Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, for giving us the opportunity to explore the educational facilities in Turkey, the UK and Germany.

The first day was spent in Turkey, a place which is on every tourist’s bucket list. We stayed at Ankara Plaza Hotel, and sampled the much-talked-about Turkish food. From there we set out to visit some of the beautiful historical places of Ankara, in the cool weather made even more pleasant by the frequent drizzle.

High achievers listening to the Pak Turkey relationships as explained by Syed Ali Asad Gilani

Our first destination was Anit Kabir, the mausoleum of Mustafa Kamal Atatürk, the great leader and founder of modern Turkey. Our guide Mr Gokhan, a soldier, took us around the two parts of the building, Peace Park and Monumental Block, entertaining us with his wit and charm throughout.

Delegation being guided by Mr. Gokhan in the Way of Lions

Mr Gokhan too us around the Way of Lions decorated with red and white flowers signifying Turkish Flag. The pathway gets its name from the 24 lions, their bowed position symbolizing peace while their teeth and claws ever-watchful for enemies. From there, we made our way across the ceremonial ground into the mausoleum.

Position Holders enjoying the aftaar dinner with Pakistani community at KASYBEYAZ restaurant

The first part showcased Kamal Atatürk’s personal belongings, including his swords, medals, whips, cases etc. However, was really fascinated me the most was the second part which was about the Chana kale war, showing how the Turkish defended themselves and defeated the British under the leadership of Kamal Atatürk. The love and pride of the Turkish people for their history and country was obvious. The third part showcased Atatürk’s intriguing book collection, showing how well-read the man must have been. Finally, we came across the tombs of different Turkish national heroes.

Students having lunch at ASPAVA restaurant

We left for our next destination Ankara Kalesi, a museum of Anatolian civilisation, showcasing their artwork and handicraft skills that depicted their history, culture and civilisation, and offering us an opportunity to get to a know about Turkish culture.

We then set out for Kocatepe Camii, the largest mosque in Ankara, a citadel of peace and comfort. There we met a Syrian named Mustafa, whose recitation of the Holy Quran made our hearts swell with love for God and His beautiful religion. This was our last stop before we departed for our hotel at 4:00.

The delegation posing at ANKARA KALESI

We reached the hotel at 4:30, and made our way to Pakistan embassy after a bit of rest. We were introduced to Mr Syed Ali Asad Gilani, deputy ambassador of Pakistan, who briefed us about Pak Turkey relations. This was soon followed by a grand Iftar program with Pakistani community at Kasy Beyaz restaurant and with those of Turkish background who enjoy Pakistani culture. Not only was this a treat for our taste buds, we were overwhelmed by the warm welcome they accorded us.

Finally, we came to our hotel, looking forward to the next day.