Twitter employee ‘stopped’ Donald Trump from tweeting for eleven minutes

  • And Internet is celebrating the 'hero'

A Twitter employee ‘deliberately’ deactivated US President Donald Trump’s personal account on their last day of work, the company said on Thursday. Initially, Twitter said it was because of “human error”. However, it was confirmed later that the account was deactivated “by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day.”


Donald Trump’s account was down for 11 minutes Thursday afternoon. During the brief period of downtime, anyone going to the @realDonaldTrump Twitter page would see the message, “Sorry, the page doesn’t exist!”.

While President Trump is notorious for tweeting each and every thought and often getting in feuds with other over Twitter, many considered the brief shutdown a relief and responded hilariously.

Author Mark Harris high-fived the former employee on doing a great job. He said in his tweet, “I dunno, this customer has never felt MORE supported.”

Joy Ried, American Cable TV host, called the employee a hero:

The GIF ABC News used to break the news forced many to burst with laughter:

Judd Legum couldn’t contain his excitement and went for #neverforget:

Nick Jack Pappas took the opportunity to play with the words and call Trump “Human Error”:

Rex Huppke was quick to suggest baby names:

Pumpkin Rice had the most hilarious reply ever:

Trump’s tweets have long been criticized by people. Recently, former First Lady of US Michelle Obama gave Trump some serious advice to “NOT” tweet everything:


Though for a very short span of time, the unknown ‘legendary’ Twitter employee gave us  a glimpse of what the world would look like without Trump tweeting.

Urooj Tarar

Urooj Tarar

Editor - Daily Pakistan Lifestyle.