Important Clarification by Daily Pakistan regarding Pakistan Cricket Board

In light of the recent events at the T20 Asia Cup in Bangladesh, Daily Pakistan deems is necessary to offer the following clarification:
Daily Pakistan is in no way affiliated with or a subsidiary of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Any similarity in name or official colors is purely coincidental. Daily Pakistan newspaper, website or Group of Publications should not be held responsible for the (mostly stupid) actions of the PCB.
In light of the above Daily Pakistan should not be associated with the poor decision making and overall incompetence of the PCB. Daily Pakistan is a responsible institution that believes in logic, is in touch with reality, and not under the influence of any drugs.
In light of the confusion that has arisen because of the similarity in names, Daily Pakistan reserves the right to pursue legal action for the damages incurred to our reputation because of wrongful association with the PCB.
It is further clarified that Shahid Afridi is not our employee and we cannot be held responsible for any financial transactions undertaken with the said individual.

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