LAHORE – The Punjab Food Authority has declared as many as 45 brands of cooking oil and Ghee brands sub-standard and injurious to health, it emerged on Tuesday.

According to a report by Ummat newspaper, the authority imposed a hefty fine of Rs one million to the said brands and ordered them to withdraw stocks from the market.

The food regulator collected samples of 151 ghee brands and tested in laboratories out of which only 92 were declared fit for health.

The authority that is currently vigilant about the quality of food products and ingredients published an advertisement in leading newspapers a few months back stirring outrage among the associations dealing in Ghee who opined that the advertisement dented their business.

Soon after the response of ghee traders, the authority kept mum over the matter raising concerns about a possible ‘deal’ however, it has been revealed now that the oil brands were given a two-month deadline to improve their quality.

As the deadline expired in March, the food regulator collected samples of 151 edible oil brands and dispatched it to state of the art Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) laboratory.

The report by the laboratory gave damning figures that as many as 45 ghee brands were not fit for consumption.

The brands declared unfit for human consumption include: Kissan Sunflower cooking oil, Shan cooking oil, Islamabad Cooking oil, Marwa Cooking oil, Evian cooking oil, Asia pure cooking oil, Islamabad Banaspati, Handi cooking oil, Shah Taj premium cooking oil, Ashiyana Banaspati, Mamta Banaspati, Data Banaspati, Prime Banaspati, Handi Banaspati, Ghosiya Banaspati, Mehr Banaspati, Soya Supreme Banaspati, Inam Banaspati, Rani Gold Banaspati, Taza Gold Banaspati, Rehmat Banaspati, Swad Banaspati, Malta Banaspati, Khebr Banaspati and Askari Banaspati.

Not only that, Commander Banaspati, Sultan Banaspati, Salva Banaspati, Shah Taj Banaspati, Gai Banaspati, Eva Sunflower, Kissan Sunflower, Season Banaspati, Sher Banaspati, Sher Cooking Oil, Zaika Banaspati, Umber Banaspati, Pure Royal Premium Banaspati, Sewera Banaspati, Yaad Gar Banaspati, Darja Awal Banaspati, Shahbaz Banaspati, Care Banaspati, Mujahid Banaspati, Dua Banaspati, Taza Banaspati, Hafiz Banaspati, Kausar Banaspati, Lafit Banaspati, Asia Banaspati and Darja Awal cooking oil were also declared unfit for human consumption.

Punjab Food Authority cracks down on online home-made food sellers

The Punjab Food Authority has given a deadline of one month to 14 brands to improve their quality as the oils by such firms lacked the appropriate amount of food components.

These sub-standard brands include: Shan cooking oil, Islamabad Cooking oil, Marwa Cooking oil, Evian cooking oil, Asia pure cooking oil, Shah Taj premium, Handi cooking oil, Data, Prime, Ghuasia, Mamta and Islamabad and Ashiana banaspati ghee.

The consumption of sub-standard oil leads to cardiac ailments as they block the arteries.

The food watchdog announced that it would collect samples thrice annually out of which one would be on a surprise basis to ensure the quality of edible oil being sold in the market.

Not only that, directives have been issued to online food sellers to obtain license within a period of one month or otherwise face actions.