ISLAMABAD – Two Afghan nationals have been awarded jail terms on charges of terrorism by a court in Pakistan, it has been reported. The men were found guilty of plotting to support a terrorist attack for which they were arrested by the security forces.

According to the media reports, the convicted Afghan nationals have been identified as Abdul Wahab and Sardar.
The report further added that the court gave its verdict after the prosecution proved terrorism charges against them.
According to the information presented before the court, the two men were arrested after the police recovered explosive materials from them.

The security forces had claimed that the men had entered Pakistan without having valid travel documents.
According to the court verdict issued under terrorism laws and Section 14 of Foreigners Act, the convicts were also awarded fine of Rs100,000.

It is yet not clear to which terrorist group the accused individuals were associated with but militants belonging to the Taliban group and other terrorist groups often operate on both sides of the Durand Line between Afghanistan and Pakistan and often carry out terrorist related activities.