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RAWALPINDI – Albayrak campaign conducted to sensitize people on ethics of cleanliness, awareness about Dengue Fever and its precautionary measures.

Albayrak Team organized an awareness activity to advocate sanitation and to sensitize the residents of UC-44, Fazalabad (Dhoke Farman Ali) for maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings, and to cooperate with sanitary workers.

The basic purpose of door to door activity was to convey the objective of Albayrak & Rawalpindi Waste Management Company to general public about ethics of cleanliness and to ensure that people of UC-44, Fazalabad (Dhoke Farman Ali) are well aware of the new and efficient system of cleanliness introduced by Turkish Multinational Company Albayrak & RWMC.


People were given awareness about observing necessary precautionary measures to prevent themselves from the fatal ailment of dengue fever. Officials of Albayrak distributed pamphlets and other dengue awareness related materials among residents of areas.

Representatives of Albayrak communicated the people of that use waste bags and Albayrak containers for the disposal of home waste. Secondly Representatives gave awareness about anti dengue precautions to public so that people can keep themselves safe from this silent killer.

The Albayrak representatives further requested the people that they could leave their home waste in bins/bags at in front of their gates at 7am, or put them in the waste containers placed by Albayrak Company.

Furthermore, in all activities people were informed to use helpline # 1139 for their complaints, any other information or suggestions relevant to Solid waste Disposal.