ISLAMABAD – Captain Saleh Janjua and trainee pilot Ahmed Janjua were father and son, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) spokesperson revealed on Wednesday.

According to the spokesperson, Ahmed Janjua was a trainee pilot and both of them hailed from Karachi.

Janjua’s family rushed to Islamabad after hearing the sad news.

Captain Saleh Janjua and Co-pilot First Officer Ali Akram were operating the unfortunate flight.

The cabin crew members also became unfortunate victims of the ill-fated PIA plane carrying 42 passengers crashed. Crew members included two air hostesses Sadaf Farooq and Asma Adil as well.

The plane also had one ground engineer.

According to a spokesperson for the Commissioner’s office in Hazara Division, 42 bodies have been recovered from the plane’s wreckage, which had scattered over several kilometres. The Inter-Services Public Relations said around 500 army personnel were taking part in the operation to recover the bodies and any survivors, but witnesses on the crash site said there were unlikely to be any survivors.