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GUJRAT (Web Desk) – A Christian boy has reportedly been charged with Blasphemy in Saraialamgir, Gujrat. The boy allegedly sent blasphemous texts on Whatsapp to his friend.

On the 4th of July, an illiterate Christian boy named Nadeem James showed his phone to his childhood friend Yasir and some content was exchanged. Then on Sunday the 10th, Yasir along with Hafiz Tariq, the local Imam, and other people from the mosque went to the police station and registered a case of blasphemy, 295 A and C against Nadeem. Nadeem is alleged to have sent a poem to his friend Yasir that was derogatory about the Prophet Muhammad and other Islamic holy figures.

The Christian Community of Father Colony heard about this when the police raided the home of Nadeem, (who was not present there), and arrested his two sisters in law, and his eighteen-month-old nephew, who are still in police custody.

The entire Christian population of father colony comprising 35 homes fled the village with their clothes on their back.

According to the reports, their deserted homes were broken into by members of the Banned outfit Ahle Sunnat Wah Jamaat led by Maulvi Shafiq.

“Police have registered a case on blasphemy charges against Nadeem James and are searching for him as he has fled his home,” a local law enforcement official told AFP on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the matter.

F.I.R registered against Nadeem James

PRO Muhammad Ateeq told that the FIR was registered immediately under the section 295-C and has been sealed.

Christian community’s representative and a member of Pakistan for All (PFA), Napolean Qayyum told Daily Pakistan that the arrestation of Nadeem’s family is illegal and they should be released immediately.

He said that the female members of Nadeem’s family are being assaulted in the custody, “they are made to clean and wash the toilets of the Police station early in the morning when the rest are sleeping” he revealed.

He told that he has been trying to convince the Police authorities to release the innocent members of Nadeem’s family (including eighteen-month-old nephew) on the claim that he will help the authorities to catch Nadeem who is already on the run from the police.

He further criticised the police for registering the FIR under mob intimidation.

Shaan Taseer also condemned the incidence. “An eighteen-month-old boy, Alisha is being held in illegal detention along with his mother Samreen and aunt Najma. The boys father, Shahbaz did not sleep last night and is beside himself with worry and panic.” he said.

Shaan revealed that Alisha’s father, who is the accused’s brother is also in hiding. “His representatives from the Christian Community, our comrades from PFA, are still awaiting access to the DPO, and access to his son, wife and sister in law.”

“Meanwhile there has been no talk of how the state will guarantee the safe return and rehabilitation of the residents of Sirae alamgir who fled in panic.

This is not justice. this is not how our brothers and sisters of the minority communities should be treated.” he added.

Many other civil society activists are condemning the act, recalling the incidents in the past that took the lives of innocent people. “This is a continuation of what happened in Joseph Colony, Gojra, Koth Radha Krishan” said one activist who preferred not to be named.