Did Maryam Nawaz send a ‘stripping club limo’ to her social media supporter?

  • Claims by social media user "Controversial Rana" suggest so
  • "Controversial Rana" has now taken back his earlier tweets claiming he was lying

MELBOURNE- A social media user ‘Controversial Rana’ claims Maryam Nawaz sent him this ‘strip club limo’ to take him to Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PMLN) social media team meet, on Saturday. According to him, the social media team meet of PMLN is happening at The Crown Melbourne today.

The social media user shared these details in a tweet:

“Leaving for PMLN SMT meeting tonight at The Crown Melbourne Thank you @MaryamNSharif for sending this amazing Extended Hummer to pick me up !!.”

The limo shown in the tweet is the property of an infamous adult entertainment club know as KITTENS strip club and the ride in question is known as KITTENSUMMER LIMO.


The social media user is a blogger, social media influencer and a huge supporter of PML- N.

Update: The twitter user has now backpedalled on his earlier claims but has not clarfied his allegations against Maryam Nawaz sending him a ”strip club” limo.