LAHORE – A facebook user has shared a harrowing story of deplorable behaviour of a car driver with a kid who was getting along with the driver for school. The driver slapped and scolded the boy taking benefit of the fact that no one was watching him but the facebook user caught a glimpse of driver’s misbehaviour and shared the story.

If you leave your child alone with the driver, do spare a few moments to read this:

“So unfortunately I witnessed something that is getting more common than we’d like to address. We were in the drop off lane to drop my son to school this morning. And there was a white Mira car in front of us, the driver scolded the boy who was sitting at the back and raised his hand to hit him…. my husband hit the horn to warn him. And the car in front of him moved up, he moved the car up and again turned around to hit the child at the back… he was unaware we could see him through the slightly tinted glass at the back.

My husband hit the horn again in protest and the driver sped through the parking area at the right and dropped the child at the school and sped back away so fast!!!! Now I suspect that the child was from the school next to my sons. But I have still complained with my sons school admin. Who said they’ll look into it. If your child goes to school on the ziauddin hospital road strip and you have a white Mira. Please inbox me. I was able to note the cars number. But don’t want to publicly put it up here.

And lastly I know we have a lot of other responsibilities that tie us up and we aren’t able to do everything ourselves all the time. But please at least thoroughly check on the help you hire. The driver was a lanky man with a huge moustache. And looked super angry. I don’t want to think what this could lead to if unchecked. And my heart breaks for the little child who will without a doubt be too scared to narrate the incident to his parents. May Allah keep all our children safe and enable us to take better care of them”.

There have been multiple incidents of the same nature in past when infants and kids were being treated badly by maids and assistants but the story narrated above reaffirms that kids should be monitored properly by the parents to avoid any mishap.