Family of ‘Yeh bikk gaye hai gormint’ auntie faces social boycott in Karachi

  • Our extended family has socially boycotted us, my sisters are unable to find suitable matches: Qamar's son

KARACHI – Karachi-based lady who’s one liner ‘Ye Bikk gaye hai gormint’ made her a social media star for all the wrong reasons is now suffering social isolation.

The lady Qamar, a resident of Martin Quarters, Karachi secured her spot in social media limelight some years ago when she hurled abuses at politicians, after she faced the brunt of excessive loadshedding.

‘Yeh saray mil ke humko pagal bana rahay hain #%$*#@$#*,’ she said in that interview to Waqt News.

The news channel did not air the footage of Qamar owing to the abuses, but somehow the particular chunk, approximately of 11 seconds, got uploaded on social media.

As soon as the clip was uploaded, it went viral with social media buffs sharing it for joy and to prompt laughter.

Apart from the clip, memes were also made using the picture of Qamar and they not only became a talk of the town in Pakistan but it crossed the border as Indian actor Irfan Khan also made a parody of her.

But the stardom went all against Qamar’s family as per a report by Samaa News.

According to Gormint auntie’s son, Qamar uttered abuses as she was angry when asked for her views on power cuts but the interview created trouble for the whole family.

“Our extended family has socially boycotted us,” he lamented.

“My mother is very short-tempered, she hurls abuses whenever her blood pressure is high and she doesn’t even realise what she is saying,” Qamar’s son said.

“She uttered whatever came in her mind when the reporter from TV came in our area that day because she was extremely angry and her blood pressure was also high,” he added.

Qamar’s son detailed that they were unaware of the consequences of that harmless interview.

“Everyone makes fun of my mother. We have stopped attending family events because people, instead of enjoying the family functions, shift their focus on my mother. We have had many altercations with our relatives and neighbours over the issue. As a result, no one comes to our house anymore.”

What adds misery to the socially isolated family is the fact that Qamar’s daughters are now having issues finding matches.

According to the son of ‘Gormint auntie,’ even the brother and father of Qamar were now made the target of jokes.

“My mother has become even more irritable after the incident,” he conveyed.

He concluded that the television reporter should have removed the inappropriate stuff instead of leaking it.

“Mothers are the same for everyone,” he observed.