KARACHI: Firefighters were still busy fighting a massive blaze at a warehouse Gulbai area on Friday evening, the third such fire in the port city in a single day, despite 10 hours of continuous effort.

According to a private TV channel, firefighters successfully brought under control two similar fires at a medicine manufacturing factory in Hawkes Bay and a garment factory in the SITE area.

But even as dozens of fire and rescue personnel were attempting to tame the warehouse fire, officials told the media that the conflagration would continue for  6 to 8 more hours.

While trying to put out the other two fires, fire brigade vehicles also ran out of water.

According to the factory owners all valuables including medicines stored in the warehouse, had turned to ashes in the flame.

Fire brigade officials said firefighters from around the city had been called in to extinguish the fire at the Gulbai warehouse, keeping in view its intensity.