LAHORE (Web Desk) –  As many as four suspects has been apprehended on suspicion of sexually abusing and killing a 13-year-old boy in Ghaziabad area in Lahore, police said on Tuesday.

SP Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Mian Shafqat told the media that a case has been lodged at Ghaziabad Police Station against the suspects, who have been identified as Umair, Saif, Amir and Bilal.

Slain teenager Ali Raza was the only brother of six sisters.

SP Shafqat said the suspects have also confessed to molesting and killing another child, adding that further interrogation regarding more likely cases was underway.

The arrest comes following the shocking child sex abuse scandal in Kasur, a district of the Punjab province of which Lahore is the capital.

Hundreds of children were subjected to sexual abuse and filmed between 2006 and 2014 in Kasur. They were also blackmailed for years by the alleged culprits, most them are in police custody now.

An alleged paedophile earlier in July had also confessed in custody of the CIA to have raped 15 minor girls in Lahore.