LAHORE (Staff Report) – While there have been speculations about the possible reason behind sudden separation of Pakistan’s most appreciated couple, Imran Khan and Reham Khan, the latter has stated that black magic is  primarily used to cause breakup between husband and wife.

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In a post on micro-blogging website Twitter, Reham Khan said “The Quran states that the fundamental reason why Iblees taught people black magic was in order to cause separation between husband & wife.”

In another statement she said that there was no apparent reason behind her separation from husband Imran Khan, but their mutual relation had badly weakened in fact.

According Daily Mail Reham’s strong will to join politics caused dent in her ties with cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, who thought that media was more attentive towards his wife.

Reham was unhappy for Imran’s pet dogs entering her bedroom as well, while the close relatives of her husband were also made feel being unwelcome in Bani Gala residence.

On the other hand Reham Khan’s whole family was either residing with her or visiting her very often.

The final nail in the coffin was her insecurity over a close relationship between Imran Khan and his first wife Jemima Khan, who is also mother of his two sons.

If Reham knew that divorce was a possible consequence she would not have left Bani Gala in first place, the British newspaper claimed.