KARACHI (Web Desk) – Living in a war-torn, fragile Pakistan is not ideal and many around us are losing faith in our homeland despite the fact that they were born and raised in the same state, but if you are a part of the same frustrated chunk, give a read to the story of a Karachi-based rickshaw driver.

Abdus Salam is not just another Karachi resident pulling his rickshaw and life to satisfy the intrinsic needs.

He calls himself “EDHI” and then practically vindicates that he is “EDHI” in his own domain by helping the poor,needy and students reach their destinations at much-reduced fare.

Surprisingly Abdus Salam does not drive a three wheeler to win bread. His sole purpose is to help the stranded commuters at far off places reach their home or office.

Getting curious about how he manages his financial viability? Surprisingly he earns more than many rickshawers in the city. Here’s his inspiring story: