ISLAMABAD – A scam is unearthed where the management of Sawan Gardens Housing Society (Civilian Employees Cooperative Housing Society )had allotted the plots worth of billion rupees illegally in connivance with the district administration Islamabad.

By this illicit allotment , many deserving people were deprived of fulfilling their dream of their own house. After the revelation of the multibillion scandal , the government has fired the President and General Secretary of the society from their posts.

In November 2015, the President Raja Ansar and General Secretary Yasir Mehndi had distributed at least 50 plots among their blue eyed persons. In this dirty game of corruption the backing Deputy Commissioner and Circle Registrar Islamabad was with the culprits.

The Deputy Commissioner Islamabad not only kept quiet on the issue but he also provided an opportunity to corrupt elements to play the havoc with the future of poor civil servants openly.

Initially the administration of the society had exceeded their authorized limits and clandestinely transferred 50 plots . They also presented precious gifts to the Deputy Commissioner and Circle Registrar to give the legal cover to their misdeeds .

According to the law the approval of the concerned government officials and CDA was must for the allotment of the plots but the President and General Secretary of the housing society did not consider it necessary for gaining permission of the civic body and allotted these plot in sheer violation of the master plan of the society.

When the scam was surfaced , the Circle registrar had sought the report from the administration but it could not provide the details of the unlawful allotment. On which he prevented the further allotment in Sawan Gardens Society. Online got documentary evidence that showed AC Rural Jawad Muzzafar was appointed as Administrator of the society on 5 November 2016 so that probe can be carried out and the responsibles would be brought to justice. The new administrator had taken all the record into official custody and stopped further allotment till further orders.

The documents also revealed that the transfer of some six plots to friends and relatives of the former office bearers of the society.