KARACHI – Pakistan Navy made Indian submarine hostage for three to four days after detecting the possible entrance into its territorial waters, Admiral (retired) Tasneem Ahmed revealed on Friday.

Speaking to Geo News, Tasneem Ahmed stated that the Indian navy was trying to undermine Pakistan’s CPEC project. He also stated that the Indian navy’s target was Balochistan’s coastal area.

He said the German made diesel-electric attack submarine Type 209 is one of the most lethal submarines in the world. “He added that the submarine was headed towards the coast of Balochistan”.

It is a very good thing that Pakistan Navy fleets detected the Indian submarine through aerial surveillance, he added.

Pakistan Navy, making full use of its anti-submarine warfare skills, captured the submarine, averting any possible danger, Tasneem further said.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a collection of project worth $46 billion; the major portion will be spent for enhancing energy capacity of the country and almost $12billion on infrastructure related projects.

Indian aggression in Pakistan has increased in the last few months. Late on Sunday night seven Pakistani soldiers embraced martyrdom after Indian forces carried out unprovoked firing at the Line of Control (LoC) late Sunday night.