NEW YORK – Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations Dr Maleha Lodhi has said that Pakistan welcomes Paris conference on Middle East peace process.

She was speaking during the Security Council debate on Palestine and Middle East in New York on Tuesday.

She said that Palestine is the Holy Land and the heart of the Arab and Islamic world. “What happens there resonates in the region.”

She said Pakistan welcomes the recent Paris conference on the Middle East peace process as a step in the right direction. Paris conference was attended by delegations from 70 countries.

She said that Paris conference reaffirmed the two-state solution. There must be consequences for those who continue to defy the force of international consensus.

Lodhi further said that the movement of any states Embassy to Jerusalem will also violate Security Council resolutions and added that Pakistan welcomes Security Council resolution 2334 which affirmed that expansion of Israeli settlements will eliminate prospects of a peaceful solution.-Online