BOGOTA – A Pakistani-born and bred cyclist Kamran was left dispirited after his valuables were stolen at a hotel in Colombia.

Kamran who was in the midst of his biking tour and had taken a sojourn in a hotel, took to his Facebook page to reveal the shocking incident that took place while he was outdoors.

The unidentified thief, Kamran claimed, took his laptop, driving license along with a credit card and cash. The cyclist lamented that despite his persistent requests to the management of the hotel and police authorities, nothing has been done to make the recovery of his valuables possible.

“I have just registered a complaint/report with the police and I have to stay here for a few days. I can not leave without my laptop anyway,” the cyclist wrote in his description for live video on Facebook.

“It’s a jinxed place,” Kamran added while describing his ordeal.

Watch the full video here:

Kamran is a famous cycling enthusiast known for his journey from Germany to Pakistan, crossing 28 countries on the way.