LAHORE (Web Desk) – A Pakistani hacker has reportedly gained access to confidential information regarding Indian police vehicles by hacking GPS (Global Positioning System) in a bid to show muscles to the cyber gurus across the border.

According to the details, “Fakir”  claims to have gained the access to the said servers and maintains that he has control over Indian Police vehicles at the moment. He can track the location of the vehicles and can spot where the vehicles ar actually roaming around at the moment.

This, however, is first of its kind hacking where a Pakistani has gained access to real time information of one of the most critical departments of India.

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Talking to ProPakistani, the hacker claimed that he could halt the operation of high profile police vehicles as well.

“I can even jam these Indian Police vehicles”, the hacker claimed.

“Fakir” kept mum over the number of vehicles he has gained access to but added that even food department vehicles are under his radar now.

Terming the hack as a spoiler, he vowed to tackle the proclaimed Indian hackers with mighty blows in future.

Following is the screen grab from the hacked data:


Recently, a group of Pakistani hackers hacked into Indian aircrafts and compelled them to listen to “Dil Dil Pakistan” amid growing tension between the neighbours in the aftermath of Uri attack.