ISLAMABAD – In an unexpected show of professional incompetence, a PIA pilot forced out his crew members from the cockpit in a bid to spend some time with a Chinese lady there.

The bizarre incident took place on the PIA flight PK-853 heading from Tokyo to Beijing on Monday where a pilot asked his crew members to leave the cockpit during take-off and landing and instead accommodated a Chinese lady there.

As per rules, no unauthorised individual can be allowed entry to the cockpit from where the aeroplane is steered but the PIA pilot put all the rules aside, putting the lives of scores of passengers at risk.

The motive is still unknown. However, the video of the incident is sure to pose serious questions for the management of national flag carrier, which is already under fire for mismanagement and a total disregard for all rules of international safety.

The incident happened just days after a PIA pilot went to sleep mid-air handing over the crucial responsibility to a trainee pilot.