Local News

RAWALPINDI (Staff Report) – The Rawalpindi administration on Tuesday decided to reduce public transport fare by Rs 10 from Rawalpindi to Murree.

A meeting of 12-member committee constituted by Assistant Commissioner Murree was held in the Tehsil Municipal Administration office Murree to consider the matter of inflated rates that commuters had to pay transporters while traveling from Faizabad in Rawalpindi to Murree. They also considered a revision in tariffs for local routes in Murree.

The meeting was attended by Raja Akhtar Abbasi, Haq Nawaz Abbasi, Qari Saifullah, Shaukat Abbasi from RTA secretary, Ishrat Abbasi and Muhammad Ismail from transporters, Shafqat Hussain Abbasi from the media, and representatives of public and city traffic police, according to the Online news agency.

The committee decided to reduce the fare from Rawalpindi to Murree by Rs. 10, and by Rs. 5 for local routes within the popular hill station.