ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has announced special package for the welfare of artists and promotion of the Pakistani film industry on the recommendations of Ministry of Information and National Heritage, it emerged on Thursday.

According to a press release issued by the PM house, the special package is the biggest ever special package in the history of Pakistan for the artists and workers associated with the industry testifying the fulfillment of another promise by the PML-N government.

‘Reviving the film Industry was the our top most obligation. It gives me immense pleasure to announce the biggest ever special package in the history of Pakistan for the artists and workers associated with this industry which surely is the fulfillment of yet another promise like our other pledges’ said the premier in his statement.

The premier expressed that today he felt proud to accord status of Industry to the amorous body of films on the recommendations of the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage, which is the continuation of the policy that was announced in 1992′ and added that apart from this, relaxation in financial laws pertaining to films and exemption from taxes should also be given.

A comprehensive package will also be prepared for these honorable personalities and fine arts. Under this package National Film and Broadcasting Commission, National Film Institute and an Academy will be established that will have a studio equipped with state of the art technology.

The prime minister Nawaz Sharif also announced establishment of ‘Prime Minister’s Artist Welfare Fund’ for the welfare and financial assistance to the artists so that the dignity and self-respect of these talented individuals could be safeguarded.

Under the package announced, foreign film makers will be given special concession for making films on cultural, historic and tourists spots so that through this medium tourism at the national and international level can be promoted.

The concession would be extended to the import of equipment related to the film industry so that the bright and beautiful face of Pakistan can be portrayed internationally.

Moreover, in a historic development, the government has decided to accord complete exemption on entertainment tax.

To uplift the film and Broadcasting Industry and the fine arts the prime minister also announced the institution of Prime Minister’s Film Finance Fund.

Announcing the landmark package, the premier opined he was confident that these steps taken at the level of the government will go a long way in removing the difficulties and impediments connected to the film Industry.

The statement by the PM office stated art and artists are those trustees of the bright traditions of the Pakistani society which have played a significant role in keeping alive the national identity, culture and heritage at the global level.

It added that Pakistan and its self-respecting people witnessed heinous acts of terrorism due to misleading concepts in last many years but by the grace of God owing to the sacrifices of valiant forces and security agencies terrorism has been stopped in its tracks and incidents of terrorism have been considerably reduced.

The prime minister expressed that youth who were the future of this country remained captive of a scary mindset and to extricate the youth from that horrible situation and terrorism, the government was trying to provide alternate avenues of entertainment to them.

He maintained that the elected government would support the youth in the domain of films to win laurels for Pakistan.

He said quality entertainment revolves around availability of playing fields, recreations parks, tourism and cultural activities, the nucleus of which is the revival of the film industry.


‘Special benefits and concessions will also be allowed on investments in such ventures which help in introducing our dignified past, exemplary heritage, worth emulating culture, distinguished literature and infallible beauty of tourism to the youth who are architects of our future’ the statement read.

The prime minister directed the ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage to present this package in implementable form for the approval of the government, after consultations with the ministry of Finance and other relevant institutions.