Police recover girl kidnapped for marriage

  • Three suspect named Adil, Wasim and Faisal were arrested during raid

FAISALABAD – In a successful operation, the police have recovered a girl kidnapped by unknown abductors few days ago from Faisalabad.

During the raid in an area of the city, the police arrested three persons named Adil, Wasim and Faisal, who are allegedly behind the kidnapping of the girl.

Media reports suggest the girl was being pressurised into marrying to one of the suspects before the abduction, and she has been reportedly kidnapped for marriage.

Earlier in March, police officials named ASI Hammad Yousaf and Constable Shehzad Gujjar had allegedly kidnapped a 14-year-old girl when she was going to hospital to visit her ailing mother in Faisalabad.

The father of the girl, Gul Nasir Shah, has now written a letter to IG police to recover his daughter after the local police failed to find her despite the lapse of seven months.

He also threatened to commit suicide in front of Chief Minister House.