LAHORE – Muhammad Shahbaz Mian of the Progressive Pannel has secured a victory in Lahore Press Club elections after winning the president slot with huge lead on Sunday.


Mian secured 1097 votes against 694 votes gained by Javaid Farooqi of Journalist panel.

The annual election of Lahore Press Club held yesterday in the club premises at the city’s famous Shimla Hill in a peaceful, jubilant and enthusiastic environment.

Zahid Gogi of Progressive Panel got 937 votes and secured the seat of vice president, while Daily Pakistan’s Nasira Atique remained runner-up with 736 votes. For the slot of Secretary, Abdul Majeed Sajid gained victory over Zulfiqar Ali Mehto and Abdul Rauf Khan.

For Governing Body, Qasim Raza got 652 votes; Muhammad Shahnawaz Rana, 629 votes; Ismail Jhagra, 610 votes; Salman Qureshi, 610 votes; Rizwan Khalid, 605 votes; Salik Nawaz, 602 votes; Numan Wahab, 596 votes; and Nasir Ghani, 587 votes.

A five-member commission headed by The Nation Editor Salim Bokhari conducted the election. The polling started at 9 am and continued without any break till 6 pm. Tight security arrangements had been made for Sunday’s elections.

It was a contest for the slots of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, joint secretary and eight members of governing body between two traditional panels, (Journalist, Progressive). The Writers panel had fielded their separate candidates on different positions.

A total of 28 candidates, including eight each from Journalist and Progressive groups, contested governing body seats.

Both the groups had been continuing their aggressive election campaigns since last week and visited different media houses to sway voters in their favour. The election day (Sunday) however witnessed more enthusiasm with both the groups were seen making untiring efforts to bag maximum votes.

As around 2,000 professional journalists are members of the club, every candidate has to make persistent attempts to touch base with each voter.

More than 1,800 voters took part in the voting.