QUETTA – In a bid to earn some money to support their families, a large number of people, who had collected mutton and beef from different parts of the city on the first day of Eidul Azha, on Tuesday kept selling the sacrificial meat at Quetta’s Bacha Khan chowk.

The meat was put on sale at relatively low rates and that too without any specific scale. As a result, many customers approached the unconventional market.

According to the BBC Urdu, the buyers present at the ‘meat market’ were mainly those people who could not afford to sacrifice their own animals on the occasion of the religious festival and the people who were unable to buy mutton or beef during normal days due to high prices.also reached Bacha Khan chowk.


A seller said that the people were selling the sacrificial meat collected from the city on the Eid to earn some money. The money earned from the sale of the meat would be enough for 15 days, he added.

Meanwhile, a purchaser said his family couldn’t buy a sacrificial animal on Eidul Azha, but the children wanted to eat meat, hence he decided to buy it from Bacha Khan chowk at a low rate.

He further added that he and other people like him could not even imagine buying meat during the normal days.

Observers told Daily Pakistan Global that sale of the sacrificial meat was not new in Quetta as this had been happening in the city for many last years.

“This is actually an indication of the harsh situation of the city,” they maintained.