RAWALPINDI – As many as 80 motorcyclists barged into Chandni Chowk check post of traffic police in Rawalpindi after their fellow one wheelers were arrested by the police, here on Friday.

According to the reports, the motorcyclists upset over the arrest of their fellow stuntmen took traffic wardens hostage and attempted to set a government-owned car on fire.

It all started on Thursday when as part of crackdown against one wheelers, traffic warden Suhail Shehzad was positioned at Sixth Road flyover in Rawalpindi to keep an eye on violators.

As Shehzad was performing his duties, a group of three motorcyclists approached the flyover as they were to enter Islamabad. One of the three motorcyclist clad in black dress shot four bullets at Shehzad, one of which punctured his ribs and exited from the other side injuring his arm, Dunya News reported.

The warden was rushed to a nearby hospital by colleagues and Chief Traffic Officer Yousaf Ali Shahid where his condition was declared out of danger.

According to unconfirmed reports, the culprits urged their fellows to storm the police station, which they did. Pictures of the check post suggest the degree to which the assailants were frustrated.

City Traffic Police (CTP) Spokesman Wajid Satti affirmed that the crackdown would continue during the holy month.

“24 FIRs have been registered against one-wheelers to date, and a total of 26 suspects have been arrested,” he added.