LAHORE – Defending the amendment in Drug Act, Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif said that the purpose of amendment was to stop production of spurious drugs, adding that mafias will not be allowed to play havoc with the lives of people.

The chief minister took to Twitter on Monday stating, “A poor patient dying due to spurious & substandard medicines is as gruesome as the innocent killed by bullets”.

He further said that quality manufacturers/suppliers of medicines will be appreciated publicly, adding that those involved in selling spurious drugs will be strictly dealt with.

The chief minister also appealed to people to support the government in “Jihad against fake medicines” to save precious lives which fall prey to the greed of drug mafia every year.

After the new drug act, a majority of medical stores in several cities of Punjab and Sindh were shut down in protest by the Pakistan Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association (PPMA).