LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif in an exclusive video message, wished the country on its 70th Independence Day.

In an unusual video message, the chief minister while addressing almost all power holders in the state hierarchy including military generals, bureaucrats and judges, said that it is time to reflect on what the country has achieved during the course of seven decades.

“It is a time for collective introspection for those who were empowered to establish justice, peace and promote prosperity. To reflect whether they have achieved the goals in these 70 years or not.”

He called on institutions and leaders to promote and practise politics on the principles of consensus and unity.

“I urge all politicians and bureaucrats to put their personal agendas aside and prioritise nationalistic agenda,” he added.

Traditionally, politicians and statesmen in Pakistan have chosen to address the common public in their Independence Day messages. However, the chief minister’s message is unique in its nature as it addresses the institutions and ‘custodians’ of power in state hierarchy.