SUKKUR – At least nine of a family members including six children were dead as wall of a house was collapsed in Sukkur, on Thursday. According to details, the incident was occurred in Ghulam Sarwar Shanbhani village near Sahleh Put when as roof of a house was collapsed.

According to details, the incident took lives of eight children of the same family while three other minor were also found to be injured under the debris of the collapsed wall.

As rescue teams failed to reach the place of incident in time, the locals of the area helped their self to recover the dead bodies from the rubble, whereas, other three injured children were shifted to the hospital where they are said to be in critical condition, as per the sources.

The ages of deceased children were between 2-12 years. Seven-year-old Ruksana Bint-e-Sammu Biradri Shambani, four-year-old Yaqoob Bin Sammu Biradri Shambani, 12 years old Guddi Bint-e-Dawood Biradri Shambani, 12 years old Ruksana Bint-e-Bilawal Biradri Shambani, nine-year-old Ghulam Akbar Bin Muhammed Laeeq Khan Biradri Shambani and four-year-old Jalfat Bint-e- Jawan Biradri Shambani, six-year-old Manzooran Bint-e-Ali Madad Biradri Shambani, four-year-old Sitaran Bint-e-Ali Madad Biradri Shambani are among the departed souls.

The Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah has taken a notice of the incident.

As per the details, the incident took place owing to the shabby state of the house.