LAHORE (Web Desk) – Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chairman, Dr Tahir-UL-Qadri, Tuesday, said there are terrorist nurseries in Punjab; hence, it is direly necessary for the Pakistan Army to launch Zarb-e-Azb Operation in the province.

Condemning the Quetta blast, he postponed August 16 protest demonstration owing to the massive terrorist activity that gave over 70 people dead and said the protest will take place on August 20, instead.

While talking to the conference held at the Minhaj-UL-Quran Secretariat, he pointed out that no mental process was launched on ideological frontiers; furthermore, no work was guaranteed against the ideological nurseries of terrorism.

“We keep all political differences at bay. This is a critical moment; hence, there should be no mudslinging,” he asserted saying the Parliament, political parties and other institutions did not fully back up National Action Plan (NAP).

“The signatories of the NAP did not act upon it even one percent and deceived the nation, thus. It was only Pakistan Army that fought terrorists,” he added.

Dr Tahir-UL-Qadri asked, “What has been acted to get around the nexus of terrorism and subversion? What has the government done with regard to change in syllabus and registration of seminaries?”

The PAT chief called upon all the political parties to jettison their differences and start syncing more over the present state of affairs in the state.