KARACHI – Professor Hassan Zafar Arif, who today emerged as a new leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) London’s newly made Rabitta Committee, has caused curiosity over his background and identity after he held a press conference today in Karachi.

However, in a shocking revelation, Habib Akram, senior analyst at Dunya News divulged an entirely unpredictable information about Hassan Zafar Arif’s real background and identity.

According to Habib, the new “discovery” of MQM – Hassan Zafar Arif, is a leftist and has been a professor in Department of Philosophy at Karachi University.

“And he [Arif] have had the privilege of being a teacher of Altaf Hussain,” Habib quipped.

The more appalling information Habib disclosed is the fact that Arif had been a member of Al-Murtaza terrorist organisation and sheltered the militants of the terrorist organisation during Zia-ul-Haq’s dictatorial regime, in Karachi.

Arif on Friday reiterated the party’s significance and unity and rejected the ‘minus formula’ during the press conference.

“Neither minus one be carried out nor it is possible,” Arif said. “Altaf Hussain is an inalienable part of the party,” he added.