KARACHI – In a joint statement issued by the Ministry of National Health Services and World Health Organisation (WHO) on Monday, it was stated that no case of Chikungunya Virus has been confirmed till date.

“While the investigations continue, this is to clarify that no case of Chikungunya Virus has yet been confirmed till date and any information circulated with regard to confirmation of any case is incorrect and misleading,” the statement said.

The statement has been issued in the wake of burgeoning unconfirmed reports about the presence of Chikungunya virus in Karachi, Sindh and especially in the areas of Malir.

The virus affected seventy doctors on the very first day and as days passed, more and more patients were rushed to hospitals for fear of being vulnerable to the virus.

The virus affects a normal human being, and is characterised by paralysis in the joints in the hands and feet.