Will call off Afghan reconciliation process if Trump does not change his ways, Pakistan tells US

  • Pakistan was not dependent on US for its defence or economic needs

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani government has informed the US that it would call off Afghan reconciliation process if Trump does not change his ways.

Utilizing diplomatic channels, the government has informed the Trump administration that Pakistan will set its strategy for a peaceful Afghanistan in view of its own national security policy.

According to a report by Express Tribune, it has been clarified to the ‘furious’ US that Pakistan would not budge under any pressure.

The recently appointed officials under Donald Trump have been told that Pakistan achieved 100% results in its military operations against terrorists.

‘The military operation would continue unabated till the elimination of last terrorist’ the message read as cited by sources.

The country, fighting war against terrorism from over one and a half decade has informed US Ambassador David Hale that Pakistan was not dependent on Washington for its defence system and its economy was also not relying on American financial assistance.

After China, Russia warns US against putting pressure on Pakistan for Trump’s Afghan war

Pakistan has also started mustering support of its allies including China and Russia, who through their statements threw weight behind Pakistan asking US to cooperate on Afghan war with mutual respect.

‘If the US adopts a balanced policy, Pakistan will also establish good relations with the Trump administration, otherwise Pakistan can review its relations on all issues,’ said the source.

The tycoon-turned-president accused the long-standing ally of providing safe havens to terrorists, an allegation Pakistan categorically rejects.

Besides veiled threats, Trump also cleared the way for the deployment of thousands more US troops to Afghanistan, backtracking from his promise to evacuate war-torn region.

On the other hand, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani sided with Trump’s strategy and welcomed it for achievement of self-reliance.