LAHORE – Police have arrested a physically challenged man in Lahore who allegedly tied a knot with a young woman who escaped her home to marry her boyfriend she had never seen.

However, according to the reports, the woman did not leave her home with an intent to marry the Noor Hussain, the allegedly handicapped man.

The reports say that when the woman arrived in Lahore, her boyfriend ‘betrayed’ her and had not come at the address he asked the woman to reach to meet him. The man stopped answering her calls and disappeared.

Disheartened but defiant, the woman refused to go back to her home and instead tied a knot with the physically handicapped man, Noor Hussain, she had met at PCO.

In the meantime, her father registered a FIR at the local police station and claimed his daughter had been abducted. So far, the police have arrested Noor Hussain and have sent him on remand on court’s directives.

The woman has been in hiding since then and the police have been unable to find her.