KARACHI – The Pakistan Cricket Board is receiving appreciation owing to its efforts for the ongoing Pakistan Super League, however, cricket enthusiasts in droves are also complaining about the mismanagement regarding the sale of tickets and its black marketing, for the three matches to be played in Pakistan.

The cricket board put the tickets for two semi-finals, to be played in Lahore and the final encounter expected to entertain Karachiites, online early Thursday and announced that the tickets price would range from Rs 1000 to Rs 12000 and in special cases Rs 20000 for VIP enclosures.

The cricket fans, especially in Lahore, who anxiously wait for the PSL matches at home, also gathered outside the dedicated centers marked by the PCB to grab their tickets for the two semi-finals, however, they were dismayed by the ineffective management.

A plethora of citizens registered their protest on social media claiming that the PCB had allegedly handed over the tickets, of a lower price range, to private individuals, so they can further sell them at an exorbitant price.

One of the complainants hailing from Karachi expressed that he had arrived outside one of the TCS centers selling tickets at around 8 A.M, in a bid to not miss the chance, however, he was left appalled as soon as the management announced that the tickets worth Rs.1000-4000 had been sold out in just three hours.

The social media buffs claimed that the said center had as many as 9000 tickets available for Rs 1000 and Rs 4000 collectively, however, only around 30 people managed to walk inside the building before the management announced that they had run out of the ticket for the said price.

Deploring the management of the cricket board, the user questioned as to where the tickets were sold alleging that the PCB had handed over the tickets to private individuals who would now take their share, in an illegal manner, to distribute the tickets.

Another social media user (whose name is intentionally concealed) complained that even the official distributor’s website was not working properly as soon as the tickets were put online.


He explained that the server of the said website got down as soon as the tickets went live, however, when the server became functional, the website only displayed tickets for Rs 4000 and Rs 8000, stirring concerns about the flow of tickets for a lower price range.

Moreover, another lady who was successful in selecting and checking out from the above-mentioned website after purchasing tickets did not get any follow up on where the tickets would be delivered.

Not only the said users registered their protest on social media but the trailing comments also bolstered the apprehension that the tickets were being removed from the legitimate outlets intentionally and were sold in black market.

The procedure for obtaining tickets for PSL encounters, which are played in Pakistan becomes cumbersome almost every year and even for the last season of the league, cricket fans found it difficult to secure their tickets through the banks selected by the PCB.

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Many of the locals, who gathered outside the banks in 2017 were not able to get their tickets while many others had their tickets delivered to their doorsteps, but at an increased price, accounting for black-marketing.