RIO DE JANEIRO – 450,000 condoms are to be distributed among the athletes as the village starts welcoming the Olympians this Sunday, a move that has been met with unwarranted surprise by international sports observers.

The athletes, who were welcomed at the specially constructed Olympic village, have been provided the very best at the facility, which can house 11,000 athletes and 6,000 coaches, including everything from swimming pools, tennis courts and bike lanes.

Each athlete will also be provided 45 condoms, which comes as a surprise to many but is not very shocking after looking over Olympics history.

This trend started during the 1998 Olympic games in Seoul, in which so many condoms were found on the rooftops of Olympics athletes’ rooms that the Olympics association had to ban outdoor sex.

In the Sydney games of 2000, 70,000 condoms were initially provided and 20,000 more were sent just after a week. Similarly in the 2008 Beijing games, authorities had reportedly distributed 400,000 condoms in the Olympics city.

The 2012 London games grabbed the most headlines for hookups between athletes while 2014 Sochi winter games were famous for athletes using tinder to hookup.

Many stories and pictures of athletes’s reported sexual escapades have been leaked on social media.