SAN FRANCISCO (Web Desk) – Apple just announced it will hold an event September 9 in San Francisco; and following its tradition it is expected the company will announce a new iPhone in this event.

According to CNN, here’s what to expect from the ninth generation of Apple’s flagship device.

1. Name

If recent patterns hold, the phone will be called iPhone 6S – assuming it’s a relatively modest upgrade over last year’s iPhone 6.

Steve Jobs announced the second edition of the phone, the iPhone 3G, at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on June 9, 2008. It worked on 3G cellular networks and was the first iPhone priced at Apple's now-standard $199 with a phone contract (for the basic model).

2. Size

Reports suggest that after enlarging the device several times in recent years, Apple will retain the same display size as last year’s phones.

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller announced the iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012, in San Francisco. The new model featured a slightly larger screen and a new connector for charging the battery.

3. Colour

Apple made a splash several years ago when it broadened its black-and-white iPhone palette to include gold, silver and “space gray.”

The less expensive iPhone 5C was made from hard-coated polycarbonate and came in a rainbow of colors.

4. Release Date

Apple typically begins selling new iPhones in the United States a week or so after they’re unveiled, and always on a Friday, so its likely going to be September 18.

5. Features

As usual, Apple will pack the new phones with a faster processor and an improved camera.