LAHORE – As the hospitality industry goes online, it has lead to a change in the dynamics of the industry. Gone are the days when people had to wait in long lines to get a place in the restaurant or had to wander about the new destination in search of a hotel room that met their requirements.

Nowadays, everything is possible by just using your smartphone. This technological advancement has brought about convenience into the lives of human beings which have enabled them to take control of their lives.

One aspect of this empowerment can be seen among women who are no longer confined to household chores. They no longer feel the need to have the company of males whenever they are going on a trip. Rather, by easily planning and arranging for every aspect of their travel voyage prior to their travelling to the new destination, females are ready to embark on a solo journey which is full of eye- opening experiences.

To facilitate these women, Jovago brings a list of apps which every woman travelling solo in Pakistan should have.

Google Translate

As Pakistani is a home to various diverse ethnic groups, there are a number of languages spoken throughout the country. With the help of the tech maestro, all females can easily get to understand and communicate by typing in words and phrases used in the local language. Google translate is available in 103 languages, out of which 52 are available offline. By using this app, you will no longer stutter because you are at a loss for words.

Help Call

During travelling, if any emergency arises, one is not exactly sure whom to call for help. You can avoid this situation by using the Help Call app. With its easy to navigate button system, it brings all the essential international emergency information together. Do download the app in order to ensure that you are ready to face all the challenges that your solo journey brings about.


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Want to show off all your amazing travel pictures but think they are not good enough because you took them from your phone’s camera. Fret no more because by using the Instagram app, you are able to convert your plain pictures into digital works of art. The app offers various themes along with different filters to show your colourful side.

If you have information on any other app that you think is a must have for all the solo, female travellers out there, then do share it with us in the comments section below.