NEW YORK (Web Desk) – Multiple cases of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding surfaced last month but a case of newly launched iPhone 7 explosion has emerged raising suspicions about the quality of Apple’s latest roll out.

According to the details, Reddit user “kroopthesnoop” posted pictures of the broken back iPhone 7 Plus.

“Something happened between the factory and delivery,” the user said, indicating that the problem happened on its journey rather than once it was being used.

The case of iPhone 7 explosion is deemed different than Galaxy note 7 fault as the Apple phone reportedly exploded during transit when it was not being charged or used.


Pictures of the phone which appears to have set on fire, exploded apart and burnt the packaging it comes in are going viral over the internet.

Although the pictures somewhat marred the passion of Apple freaks, still the case appears to be an isolated one. The case with Samsung was entirely different as multiple phones were exploded compelling the company to recall all the smartphones.