LAHORE (Staff Report) – A new and innovative Future TV Zone concept has been introduced which offers a tantalising vision of future of Television (TV).

The new concept is focused around Modular display technology, which allows multiple screens in various shapes and sizes to join together to create an entirely customizable TV based on consumers’
lifestyle and content they want to watch.

Under its emerging technology vision, Samsung Electronics has announced its CES 2016 booth, for the first time, featuring an interactive showcase of the most forward thinking TV concepts.

A senior official at the company on Monday said at CES 2016, it is going all out to demonstrate an innovation that matters most to people.

He said in years to come, the customers will experience ever greater choice and control, as the current barriers around screen size, shape and versatility are overcome.

The Future TV Zone includes two design concepts that highlight capabilities and possibilities of customization. One of the concepts features the world’s largest a 170-inch display that
utilizes Modular display technology together.

To highlight the transformability of this technology, the transformable TV can change its shape based on content it is displaying. Whether users are watching the big game, a high action blockbuster, or the evening news, the transformable TV can retain different ratios to best fit the content on screen.