BEIJING (News Desk) – Last week the whole world was amazed to see a “test run” of China’s straddling bus, however, the authorities have now denied any knowledge of the test or even an association with the project.

The Chinese media which had previously appreciated the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) has also now started criticising it, calling totally “unfeasible and scam” assignment.

According to ECNS, the test run had taken place on a 300-meter area of a road in Beidaihe District of Qinhuangdao city. However, the city administration said that there was no such exercise at any official level.

A top economic planner even went on to say that the test was not approved by the authorities. At which the developer company said that

At which the developer company said that the test was part of its internal testing and that a “test run” will be held later on.

Meanwhile, the giant bus has been concealed behind a 10-metre high strong steel structure and nobody is now allowed to take pictures of the location. The site, where a production company was supposed to be built is also still all vacant.

It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that the developers had previously announced that a full-scale test run of the straddling bus will be held next year.