After world-famous company Samsung launched its new smartphone the Galaxy S8 last month, YouTube celebrity JerryRightEverything has just published a video in which he is putting the Samsung galaxy S8 through different torture test.

The Galaxy S8’s screen lasted 30 seconds before it went white and then went back to normal. It took three burns to finally make a permanent light mark on the screen.

After that he tried to damage the camera with a razor blade. The glass turned out to be harder than the blade, and the camera remained unscathed. He attempted to scratch the rear part of phone, with the same result thanks to the same hard glass on the rear.

The fingerprint of the phone wasn’t so lucky, as scratches could be observed.

The most impressive test turned out to be the one in which he tried to bend the phone. The phone turned out to be very difficult to bend, and the hard seals are proof that the phone is water and dust proof.

You can watch how the S8 fared in the video here: