LAHORE – Following the successful global launch of the Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung is all set to release the Galaxy Note 7 on Tuesday. The latest smartphone is expected to cut deeply into the market share of all other competitors. Here are some key features of the forthcoming smartphone, which sets its apart from the rest.

1. Iris Scanning

The new Samsung phone comes equipped with an iris scanning function, since fingerprint scanners have become increasingly common. The technology was previously used by Microsoft, however, the Note 7 is the first Android phone with this feature.

With iris scanning, all users will have to do is scan their eyes with the smartphone to unlock it, giving the phone added security compared to other phones in the market.


2. The S Pen

The Note 7 is coming along with the latest Samsung Pen, which is definitely the best out of all previous such releases. This digital pen will enable the users to draw, make quick notes and interact with the screen contents in the easiest way.


3. Bigger Screen 

The smartphone will most likely have a 5.7-inch display screen and several reports also suggest that it will be curved, making it similar to Samsung’s successful S7 edge.

4. Latest Camera

So far the Galaxy S7 had been leading in the field of smartphone photography with the most powerful camera currently available. However, the upcoming Note 7 will soon end its rule. The Note 7 has a Dual Pixel 12 megapixel camera which is also equipped with super fast autofocus. It also has the capability to record video in 4K.


5. Everyone Will Be Able To Buy Note 7

Unlike some other Samsung phones, such as phablet, the Note 7 will be launched for all the markets around the world. The first launch will take place in New York, London and Rio on Tuesday.

Samsung flags are set up at the main entrance to the Berlin fair ground before the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin, August 28, 2012. REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz