LAHORE (Staff Report) – The Zain murder case has adopted a new dimension after acquittal of prime accused Mustafa Kanju within two months and suo moto of Supreme Court of Pakistan, as a DNA report of blood clod on the clothes of security guard of Mustafa Kanjua has matched with the victim.

As per DNA report, the blood clots found on the cloths of Asif-ur-Rehman, security guard of main accused Mustafa Kanju confirmed the blood the slain innocent student Zain.

“The security guard carried the dead body of Zain soon after his assassination for rescue and put his dead body in the vehicle of Mustafa Kanju.

During this, the blood of deceased has touch the shirt of security guard”, the report added.

Earlier an anti-terrorism court, in its verdict, acquitted the main accused Mustafa Kanjua and his four security guards by disowning the plaintiff and witnesses of the case.

The DNA report has been prepared after a lapse of two months, following suo moto notice of SC against the acquittal of accused by trial court.