DUBAI (Web Desk) – Traumatic raw footage from inside the Emirates plane that crash-landed at Dubai International Airport and burst into flames has emerged online.

None of the 282 passengers nor 18 crew members flying from Thiruvananthapuram, India, were killed in the crash, however, a firefighter died while battling the blaze. Thirteen people had minor wounds. RT reported.

The new video depicts some of the passengers unloading their baggage from the overhead bins as the crowded cabin fills with smoke – apparently unaware of the grimness of the state of affairs.

Children are screaming and frightened passengers can be heard screaming as the crew makes its way to one of the plane’s emergency exits.

Flight attendants are heard yelling at passengers to “leave your bags behind!” while instructing them to “jump and slide!” down the inflatable chute leading to the tarmac.

It is not yet known precisely what caused the crash on Wednesday, but it is believed the aeroplane may have set down along its belly after a malfunction with its landing gear.