KARACHI – Pakistan’s leading actress Ushna Shah has expressed sympathy with the girl who got trolled for misquoting ‘we are proud of you’ during an interview with a television reporter.

In a video message Ushna maintained that she was shocked to learn that the said girl was thinking of committing suicide for the reason that she was trolled for quoting the one-liner out of context.

She took a jibe at people mocking the girl for a mere mistake of English language which was not her first language.

‘No shame in being ignorant about English language’ Ushna said while terming the mother tongue ‘Urdu’ a beautiful language.

She went on to say that those who were making memes and fun of the college girl were actually exposing their insecurities and repeating what British rulers used to do with our ancestors for not knowing their language properly.

The famous actress revealed that she did not know Urdu language as she landed back from Canada but then she learned it and there was no shame in not knowing Urdu instead of English.

She urged others to stay strong and support other people without caring for whether they understand and speak English language or not as knowing English was not a big deal.

Here’s what Ushna said in her first video message:

It is relevant to mention that the girl, who out of excitement made a blooper on air was massively trolled on the Internet.

As a television reporter asked her how she was feeling in amazing weather of Murree. she replied ‘We are proud of you’ out of excitement.

Pages abnormally obsessed with getting more likes and going ‘viral’ posted memes to further humiliate the girl.

Reports emerged that the girl detached herself socially due to humiliation. However, her teacher clarified that the girl was fine and would be expressing her viewpoint in a television show soon.