NEW YORK – Christine fair, the American professor who keeps an eye on the South Asian region, faced a brief Twitter suspension after she abused a pro-Pakistani American travel adventurist, Cynthia D Ritchie.

The Brawl between the two foreigners started when Cynthia praised the beauty of Lahore fort; however, the American academic did not like the appreciation and moved Cynthia to focus on minority persecution in the country.

A series of screenshots shared by Cynthia confirm that she was subjected to abuses and allegations that she was a pro-ISI agent.

Both the outlanders fired a series of tweets with Fair hurling vile abuses towards the Pakistan-conscious adventurist.

Irked by the abuse-laden tweets, Cynthia finally reported the account to Twitter, which locked it, e-mailing the same to Cynthia.

‘However, it also announced that Fair’s account will be reopened provided she complies with the guidelines,’ said the micro-blogging site.

Fair’s account was up after some time probably due to the fact that she fell in line with the policy guidelines.

Cynthia has been travelling across the length and breadth of Pakistan and had been portraying the positive image of Pakistan contrary to the propaganda being peddled on the international media. She has also appeared on TV shows with an all-praise attitude for masses.